Racing Bets Levy lodgement guide

This lodgement guide provides guidance for wagering operators to lodge their Racing Bets Levy Return online via the online portal.

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In accordance with section 14A(2) of the Betting Control Act 1954, wagering operators are required to lodge a return and pay the levy within 14 days of the end of the calendar month.  

How to lodge a return

Please refer to the following steps to lodge your return:

  1. creating an account
  2. completing the applicant details
  3. completing the return form
  4. make payment
  5. assistance.

The following sections at the end of this guide will also be useful for compiling your return:

  • layouts for Racing Bets Levy return upload data files
  • WA racing calendar
  • race clubs and codes.

For further information regarding how your levy will be calculated refer to our Race Fields page.

1.  Creating an account

First you must create an account. This account will be used to submit your applications, returns and change your address details.

  • Visit the online portal (opens a new window)
  • Select Create Account.
  • Add all required fields and click Register.
    • The username must be in lowercase letters and cannot contain spaces or symbols such as @, !, &.
    • The password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least 1 number, 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter.
  • An email will be sent to the email entered when completing the required fields.
    • Go to your email account and locate the registration email and click on the registration link to complete your account creation.
    • If copying the registration link please ensure you copy and paste the entire link into your internet browser.
  • To complete the account verification, log into your account when prompted by entering your username and password.
  • Click Register to finalise and activate your account.

Once your details have been entered and registered, you will not be required to register your details again. You can amend your details at anytime by logging into your account.

If you experience any issues with the account creation process please contact our department on 61 8 6551 4999.

Existing account holders

Existing account holders should log in and proceed to step 2. You will be prompted to update your contact details at the start of the new lodgement. This part can be skipped if your contact details have not changed by answering 'No' to the question. 

2. Completing the applicant details

Now that you are set up with an account you can start the return. Whenever you start a return for the first time in a new account it will automatically divert you to an Applicant Details form. This must be completed prior to starting any returns or applications and once created cannot be changed. If you are using an existing account you will be given an option to skip this form if your contact information has not changed.

  1. In the menu bar at the top of the page click on New Lodgement to locate the online return forms
  2. From the drop down menu select the Group as Racing.
  3. Choose the type of Racing Bets Levy return you are completing (Bookmaker, On Course Totalisator, Off Course Totalisator or Betting Exchange)
  4. Click on Submit to start the form.
RBL New Lodgement screen
  5. Complete the Applicant Details form
  • Ensure you read the Instructions page carefully
  • Please note you cannot save this form and return to it at a later date, it must be completed in full and submitted to properly set up the account or make any changes to your existing contact details. If you have to exit the form for whatever reason you will be required to restart the application to return to this point.

  6.  Click on Submit to complete the form. You will then get your Applicant Reference Number. If you need to contact us you can use this number as a reference to assist us with any enquiries.

  7.  Click on Continue to proceed through to the Return form. If you click on continue and it does not automatically start the next form please return to New Lodgement, select the form type again, and choose to skip the Applicant Details form to proceed.

Permanent online step 4 and 5

3. Completing the return form

  1. Proceed to the return period page and select the return month and year being lodged and indicate whether you wish to manually enter return details or upload from a CSV file. Further information on formatting your CSV file can be found in the Layouts for Racing Bets Levy Return upload data files information below.

    To proceed through the pages on the form click on the Next button as you complete each page.

RBL - Return screen 1


    2. If entering manually, proceed to the race details page and enter relevant details as shown below (CSV file upload will automatically
        populate this page).

        Troubleshooting — if you get errors in your upload and are unable to reload your corrected file, exit your account and commence the
        process again from the initial log in step.

RBL - Return screen 2


    3.  After uploading CSV file or manually entering, scroll to the Grand Totals section to confirm the totals are correct.


         If the file fails to load or comes up with formatting errors you may need to exit your account and start the process again
         from step 1. 

RBL - Return screen 3


    4. After details have been confirmed, click on the Calculate Levy button.

RBL - Return screen 4


    5.  Complete the details required on the Declaration page: Signatory name and position of person lodging return and click on
         the Submit button.

RBL - Return screen 5


    6.  When you have submitted your return you will receive the following confirmation advice:

RBL - Return screen 6

4.  Make payment

Click on the View Quote to print or save a copy of your quote (tax invoice).

Click on Pay Online to pay the amount due via a credit or debit card. Other payment options are provided on the back of the tax invoice.

RBL - Return screen 7


For assistance with your electronic return content please contact the Strategic Regulation Team on 61 8 6551 4968 or 61 8 6551 4962.

For assistance with log in details (forgotten password) please contact the E-Business Team on 61 8 6551 4999.

Layouts for Racing Bets Levy Return upload data files

There are four layouts, one for each operator type (Bookmakers, Betting Exchanges, On Course Totalisators and Off Course Totalisators).

Types of rows

The file must be made up of three kinds of rows, (H)eader, (D)etail and (F)ooter. See the layout below for details of each kind.


The (H)eader row must be the first row, followed by the (D)etail rows and then the (F)ooter as the last row. The detail rows must be ordered according to Race Club, Race Date and then Race No.

Date and code

The file must be in date order and in the following code order: Thoroughbreds (T), Greyhounds (G) and Harness (H). Files that are not in this order will not upload.

Separation of columns

Columns (fields) must be comma separated (CSV). Note that creating the files in a spreadsheet program and saving as CSV is fine. It may create extra commas and lines at the end of the header and footer that need to be removed prior to uploading the file.

File name

Please ensure that the file to be uploaded is named as follows: Racing Bets Levy Return <month>.csv (where <month> is the applicable month the return applies to YYYYMM format)

Sample: Racing Bets Levy Return 201812.csv

Tips for creating these files

If you are creating them in a spreadsheet program, you can set up formulas to calculate the correct numbers. When you save the files as .csv, the formulas are removed and the value remains.

If you enter Nov09 or 11/2009 or Nov/09 in Microsoft Excel, it will convert that to Nov-09 which is a valid format for submission.If you enter Nov/09 or Nov-09 in Google Docs, it will format it incorrectly. Use Nov09 or 11/2009.

WA racing calendar

Race clubs and codes

  • RC001 Albany Harness Racing Club
  • RC002 Albany Racing Club Inc
  • RC003 Ashburton Race Club
  • RC004 Bridgetown Harness Racing Club
  • RC005 Broome Turf Club
  • RC007 Bunbury Trotting Club Inc
  • RC008 Bunbury Turf Club
  • RC009 Busselton Trotting Club
  • RC011 Carnarvon Race Club Inc
  • RC012 Central Wheatbelt Harness Racing Club (Kellerberrin)
  • RC013 Collie Harness Racing Club
  • RC014 Collie Race Club Inc
  • RC015 Coolgardie Racing Club
  • RC017 Dongara Irwin Race Club
  • RC019 East Pilbara Race Club
  • RC020 Eastern Gascoyne Race Club (Landor)
  • RC021 Esperance Bay Turf Club
  • RC024 Geraldton Turf Club
  • RC067 Gloucester Park Harness Racing Club
  • RC025 Golden Mile Trotting Club Inc (Kalgoorlie)
  • RC026 Harvey District Trotting  Club Inc
  • RC027 Junction Race Club
  • RC028 Kalgoorlie Boulder Racing Club Inc
  • RC029 Kojonup Race Club
  • RC030 Kununurra Race Club
  • RC031 Laverton Race Club
  • RC032 Leinster District Race Club Inc
  • RC033 Leonora District Racing Club Inc
  • RC035 Marble Bar Amateur Race Club
  • RC036 Meekatharra Race Club
  • RC037 Mingenew Turf Club
  • RC038 Moora Race Club
  • RC039 Mount Barker Turf Club Inc
  • RC040 Mt Magnet Race Club
  • RC041 Narrogin Race Club (Thoroughbred)
  • RC101 Narrogin Pace Club (Harness)
  • RC066 Nor West Jockey Club Inc (Roebourne)
  • RC042 Norseman Turf Club
  • RC044 Northam Harness Racing Club
  • RC045 Northam Race Club Inc
  • RC046 Toodyay
  • RC047 Perth Racing/WA Turf Club (Ascot and Belmont)
  • RC048 Pingrup Race Club
  • RC049 Pinjarra Harness Racing Club
  • RC050 Pinjarra Race Club
  • RC051 Port Hedland Turf Club
  • RC065 Quindanning Race Club
  • RC053 Wagin Trotting Club
  • RC055 West Kimberley Turf Club (Derby)
  • RC056 WAGRA Cannington
  • RC057 WAGRA Mandurah
  • RC058 WAGRA Northam
  • RC060 Williams Harness Racing Club Inc
  • RC061 Wyndham Turf Club
  • RC062 Yalgoo Jockey Club Inc
  • RC063 York Harness Racing Club Inc
  • RC064 York Racing
  • RC100 WA Racing Industry (retrospective data do not use)
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