Logo and acknowledgement 

The department logo and acknowledgement guidelines for successful applicants of funding.

Some applicants are required to include our logo in promotional material. This is to recognise the contribution of the department and our partners towards organisations, events and programs we fund.

File formats 

There are three file formats available:

  • EPS is suitable for signage and high quality printed materials.
  • PNG is suitable for digital and online material such as websites and has a transparent background.
  • JPG is suitable for digital materials and has a white background.

Download the DLGSC DPIRD logo

DLGSC DPIRD landscape logo

If you are required to recognise our department, as well as the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, please use the following combined logos:

Using the DLGSC logo


It is important that you do not change the colours used in the logo. They are part of the Government Common Badging and so cannot be changed.

Minimum size

When using the logo, please make sure that the State Coat of Arms part of the logo is no smaller than 1.5cm in width.

Exclusion zone

Please make sure that the distance around the logo is no smaller that the width of the State Coat of Arms. If you are using another logo on your promotional material, do not put it too close to the DLGSC logo.

Logo placement

The DLGSC logo should be placed appropriately in relation to your own logo or identity. If other organisations are also supporting your organisation, please make sure that the logos aren’t crowded too closely together.

A few dont's

You should also be careful not to:

  • change the size or shape of any part of the DLGSC logo
  • place the logo on a patterned background
  • distort the logo
  • re-create the logo using different fonts
  • use the words Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries without the State Coat of Arms
  • attach other words to the logo.

Other formats

If you require another format of the logo, please contact the department using the form below.

*Required fields

Permission to use Audio Visual materials form

Permission form for photographic images, video recordings, films and audio recordings of funding projects for the department to use.

Social media

If you would like to tag the department in your funding acknowledgement on social media, please use the following accounts:








@Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

Page reviewed 23 November 2021