A juvenile is someone who is under the age of 18 years and is not permitted by law to purchase liquor either on premises or off premises.

It is also against the law for anyone to buy liquor on behalf of a juvenile, or supply them liquor on a licensed or regulated premises.

Identification and Proof of Age Cards

The following documents are the only forms of identification that can be accepted by a licensee to prove age in circumstances where they suspect a person is a juvenile seeking entry to licensed premises:

  • A current Australian driver's licence with a photograph, including a digital licence from:
    • New South Wales
    • South Australia
    • Queensland.
  • A current passport
  • A current Australian learner’s driver permit with photograph
  • WA Proof of Age Card (note new cards ceased being issued on 1/1/2015)
  • Proof of Age card or equivalent issued in an Australian state or territory
  • A current WA Photo Card
  • A current NSW Photo Card
  • A Photo Card issued by any Australian state or territory similar to the NSW/WA Photo Card
  • A hard copy of the Keypass card issued by Australia Post.

More information on the features of the WA Photo Card


Page reviewed 20 February 2024