Juvenile functions

Requirements when applying for a one-off juvenile function taking place on an existing licensed premises.

A juvenile function is an event with music and other non-liquor related activities organised specifically for under aged persons to attend at a liquor licensed premises. Approval must be obtained from the Director to permit under aged persons to attend the licensed premises without parental supervision.

The Director will give consideration to applications for approval of underage functions provided there are adequate controls in place and provided the request is in the public interest.

Juvenile functions are aimed at persons aged between 13 and 17 years of age. Persons younger than 13 should be discouraged from attending while persons aged 18 year and above may only attend as a responsible adult for the sole purpose of supervision.

Please note that juvenile functions must be alcohol free.

As a general rule, juvenile functions will not be approved past 11pm, unless special circumstances apply and unless special transport arrangements have been made. In the case of the districts of Northbridge and the central Perth CBD, juvenile functions will not be permitted.

Lodging the application

There are various aspects of the juvenile function that must be addressed to obtain approval:

  • Management strategy
  • Liquor management
  • Music
  • Crowd controllers
  • Function area
  • Transport arrangements
  • Police and council consent
  • No pass-outs
  • Inappropriate advertising or promotions

Management strategy

You must define what management strategy will be in place during the function to ensure it is run appropriately. This includes how your staff will be monitoring the event and how you will respond to incidents.

Liquor management

Liquor cannot be advertised, sold, supplied or consumed in the part of the licensed premises to be approved for the juvenile function. Any liquor must be removed or securely locked away prior to the start of the function. Please provide details on how this will be managed.


The music being played at the juvenile function must be appropriate for underaged persons. Please explain what steps you will take to manage the music for the function.

Crowd controllers

The provision of licensed crowd controllers will be considered on a case by case basis.

Function area

The area to be used for the function must be discrete from the rest of the premises with separate toilets and a separate entrance. Alternatively the entire premises can be used provided the licensee can adhere to the liquor management conditions.

Transport arrangements

Transport must be arranged for juveniles attending the function to ensure they are able to safely return home at the close of the event. It is the responsibility of the licensee to offer adequate or special transport options as required by the juveniles. Please explain how you will manage transportation at the end of the event.

Please note that all juveniles must vacate the premises at closing time and are to have left the vicinity of the premises with 30 minutes of closing.

Police consent

The licensee is required to give sufficient notice of the event to local Police. Written consent stating that the Police are satisfied of the controls that will be in place, must be obtained prior to lodging the application at this department.

No pass-outs

Pass-outs (such as stamps, tickets and wristbands) that enable persons to leave and then re-enter the premises will not be permitted at juvenile functions. The licensee must confirm that no pass-outs will occur during the function.

Inappropriate advertising or promotions

The licensee must ensure there is no inappropriate advertising or promotions available for viewing at the function. This includes advertising with the use of terms or innuendos inferring unacceptable activities such as XTC or Rave.

Written permissions

In addition to answering the questions on the application form applicants must provide written submissions in support of their application. The nature of the event and how it in is the public interest must be outlined.

Licensees should not advertise or promote the function until such time that the application is approved.

Application fees

An application is not considered lodged until the fee has been received. An invoice for payment will be issued on receipt of your emailed or posted form and can either be paid through the licensee's online portal account, by posting a cheque made payable to the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries or a BPOINT payment link can be emailed on request. Application fees are not subject to GST.

Applications will not be progressed until the fee is received. Generally the application fee is not refundable, even if the application is refused or withdrawn.


Juvenile function
Fee description Fee
Under section 126A$66





Submitting your application

Ensure all required documentation is attached to your application.

In person

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

Level 2, Gordon Stephenson House, 140 William Street Perth WA 6000

By email

Ensure all documentation is attached to your email.


By post

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

PO Box 8349
Perth Business Centre
WA 6849


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Page reviewed 22 April 2021