Aboriginal Arts Commissioning Fund

Providing opportunities for Aboriginal artists to share their stories through the development of new, large scale work.

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Funding delivered through the Aboriginal Arts Commissioning Fund is intended to: 

  • encourage the expression and preservation of traditional and contemporary regional Western Australian Aboriginal cultures, communities, and identities through the arts
  • support the development of significant and large-scale works created and produced by Aboriginal artists in regional Western Australia
  • enable employment opportunities for regional Aboriginal artists, arts workers and communities
  • showcase the unique stories of Western Australia’s First Nations peoples and engage new and diverse audiences.


Applications are open to Western Australian based: 

  • Aboriginal artists, producers, storytellers, performers, writers and arts and cultural organisations  
  • organisations that work with Aboriginal artists, producers and arts organisations whose applications demonstrate:
    • evidence of significant Aboriginal involvement in the project, including concept planning, development of the work, decision-making and management
    • partnerships underpinned by Aboriginal self-determination and cultural and creative control,  articulated via an appropriate agreement, such as a Memorandum of Understanding. 
The artist/s undertaking the work must be based in regional or remote Western Australia. Where a work draws on culture or stories local to a particular area, the application must demonstrate that the key personnel is representative of that area, or that appropriate consultation has occurred.

Any of the above parties can be the primary applicant; however, it is recommended that the application is prepared and submitted by the party that will take the lead on coordinating the commission.

Please note that if successful, the primary applicant will also be the one who is issued with the contract and is responsible for receiving payment and acquitting the grant. 

Funding overview

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Funding closed

Who can apply

Amount available

  • Aboriginal Arts Commissioning Fund: Up to $300,000


You must read the guidelines before submitting an application as they provide essential information.

Aboriginal Arts Commissioning Fund program guidelines

Funding rounds

Round Open Draft review Close Project start/event dates Category
January 2022 9:00am 25 January 2022 4:00pm 21 February 2022 4:00pm 10 March 2022 1 August 2022 Aboriginal Arts Commissioning Fund

Successful applications

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